Cue Sheets for Online Clogging Lessons


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Clogging 101

Lesson 1- Beginner Basic Steps


Single basic (minus the double toe)

Step    Rock   Step

L            R         L


Double basic (minus the double toe)

Step     Step    Rock    Step

L            R           L         R


Triple basic (minus the double toe)

Step     Step     Step     Rock     Step

L            R           L           R           L


L= Left foot

R=Right foot


Lesson 2 –Beginner basics with doubletoe step


Single basic with doubletoe

DS      R      S

 L        R      L


Double basic with doubletoe

DS       DS      R      S

L           R        L      R


Triple basic with doubletoe

DS      DS       DS      R      S

L          R         L        R       L


DS=Doubletoe step        Bottom line shows which foot is doing the step,

R=Rock                                           left or right.

S=Step                                             L            R



Lesson 3

Boogie Basic, Fancy Double, Rocking Chair,

Rocking Chair Around

Sequence: A,Chorus,A,Chorus,B,Chorus,B,Chorus,C,Chorus to all 4 walls


A)  Boogie Basic

DS       R (XIB)      S

L          R               L

Repeat on the right

DS        R(XIB)     S

R             L           R

 (Chorus) Fancy Double

DS      DS       R       S      R      S

L          R         L       R      L      R

Repeat A and Chorus


 (B)  Rocking Chair to the front

DS        BR      DS      R     S

L           R         R        L     R

(Chorus) Fancy Double

Repeat B and Chorus


C)  Rocking Chair Around

Turn ¼ left

DS        BR      DS      R     S

L           R         R        L     R

(Chorus) Fancy Double

Repeat to face all four walls


Abbreviation of steps

DS=Doubletoe step                 XIB=Cross in back

R=Rock                                       BR=Brush up




Lesson 4

Clog-Over-Vine, Turkey, Pivot


Clog-Over-Vine- to the left

DS      DS(XIF)  DS  DS(XIB)  DS  DS(XIF)   DS    R    S

L         R          L      R        L    R         L       R      L

Boogie Basics

DS       R(XIB)     S      DS       R(XIB)   S

R          L            R      L         R         L             

Fancy Double

DS      DS     R      S      R     S

R         L        R      L      R      L    

Clog-Over-Vine-to the right

DS      DS(XIF)  DS   DS(XIB)   DS  DS(XIF)   DS   R    S

R         L           R      L          R     L       R      L    R

Boogie Basics

DS       R(XIB)     S              DS        R(XIB)      S

L           R             L               R          L          R

Fancy Double

DS    DS     R      S      R    S

L        R       L      R      L    R


B) Turkey to the left

DR    HF    S    DS     R    S

R        L      R     L      R     L

Single Basics

DS    R    S         DS     R     S

R       L    R         L        R     L

Turkey to the right

DR     HF    S    DS    R     S

L         R      L     R      L     R

Single Basics

DS     R    S         DS    R     S

L        R     L         R      L      R


C)  Pivot to the back

S forward/Pivot       S

L                                 R

Single Basic

DS     R     S

L        R      L

Triple Basic

DS     DS    DS    R    S

R        L       R      L    R

Pivot to front

S forward/Pivot     S

L                               R

Single basic

DS   R    S

L      R    L

Triple Basic

DS     DS     DS     R      S

R        L        R       L       R


Step Abbreviations



DS=Doubletoe step

XIF=Cross in front

XIB-Cross in back


HF=Heel flap